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Play Slot machine for free

Playing for free is a great way to test an online casino and get the hang of games like slots that are a game of chance, and winning has everything to do with getting the right symbols lined up at the right time. The game involves matching symbols, such as fruits, letters, numbers or simple shapes, across pay lines to create winning combinations. Most games allow a variety of winning combos, and you need to check up for these before you start playing. If you match any of these combinations, you are a winner.


One of the biggest benefits of playing at online casinos versus traditional brick and mortar casinos is the ability to play free slots without having to risk any real money. This is because almost every online casino will allow a player to create a free money account, which they can use to try out the casino software as well as their games. By using this feature, you can play free slots instantly on the casino’s website and have a chance to play their games risk free. This is a great option especially for new casino players who may be apprehensive about risking their own money in an online casino.

Benefits of free slots

Below is a quick overview of the benefits of free slots:

  • No risk to your overall bankroll since playing slots online is free for all players
  • Allows you to check out the selection and variety of slots available at the casino
  • Potential to determine what the better paying slots are at the site for when you make a deposit
  • Allows the player to gain experience with playing in an online casino since all other games are free as well

How to Play Free Slots

To get started playing free slots, you’ll first need to choose an online casino that offers a good selection of games for free to players and begin creating an account. Many sites will require payment info for verification purposes even though you may only want to play for free initially.

This is because the casino wants something in exchange for their free games, which is the chance to try and convince you to become a long term player who uses his own money to gamble too. This information is only used when you are ready to play for real money and want to withdraw the earnings you make from gambling.


After you’ve filled out the customer registration, you must either download the software provided by the casino or play on the flash enabled version that will allow you to play from directly within your browser. Once you’ve picked your option, head over to the slots section of the software and there will be a listing of the games they have available for free, usually sorted according to slot machine type. Some of the common types you can expect to see include 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, video slots, bonus slots, progressive slots and many more. As soon as you pick a machine it will load on your screen and you will see your starting balance, which is basically your credits to use for free at the site. You can usually reload as often as you want. You can now enjoy free slots games for as long as you want without risking a dime of money.

Different Types of Online Slots

Classic Slots: Classic slots feature three reels, with symbols such as bars, cherries, 7s and more.

Video Slots: Video slots usually feature five reels and multiple pay lines, creating more ways to win. They are also called 5 reel slots sometimes.

Progressives Slots: Every time players spin a progressive slot, a portion of their bet counts toward a gigantic jackpot connected to every player within that game’s network. These jackpots don’t reset until one lucky winner earns the whole pot.


If you are looking for a quick escape and some good fun, slots are your game. Slot games allow a high payoff, and you don’t have to study up on a slew of rules before you play your first game. If its slots you’re after, you can really just jump right in and play online slots, and have a great time!