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Slots At An Online Casino- Book Of Ra Game

Online casinos are more often than not, a virtual replica of real life casinos. They have shiny, glitzy, colorful designs, offer great bonuses and all sorts of games that you will in a brick and mortar casino. We are talking blackjack, poker, roulette, video poker, craps, jackpots- online casinos have them all. That being said, the most popular part of any online casino, just like its real life counterpart, is the slots section.

Go to any real world casino and you will see the most crowds around the slots machines. The same trend can be seen at online casinos too and loads of people log onto such sites daily to try their luck at all kind of different slot machines.

Why are slots so popular?

There are a bunch of reasons why slots are so popular among people of all kinds. Even experienced gamblers like to sit at the slot machine once in a while and be entertained. After all that’s what slots exactly are- a way of harmless fun.

First and foremost, slots games are easy to learn. Yu do not have to remember a lot of rules or understand different concepts. Neither do you need to formulate a strategy or compete with other people on the table. Slot machines are as simple as it gets. You put in the coin and you pull the lever. It cannot possibly get simpler than that. This means that anyone from a young teen to a eighty year old grandmother can play it without wasting much time understanding how it works. This is why you see people of all ages sitting at slot machines at big casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City.

If you compare that to games like blackjack and poker then there is a huge difference. Lets not forget that not everyone wants to spend time learning something just to get into online gambling. There are plenty of people who see it just as an avenue for entertainment and the last thing they want to do is stress their brain too much. Slot machines are the perfect solution for such people.


Secondly, slot machines are a matter of pure luck. You cannot influence the outcome of a slots game in any way. You just make you bet, pull the lever and pray that your luck shines on you. While those who are good at games like blackjack might not like this idea, but to millions around the world, this exactly is where the attraction to slots lies. This is the same reason why people like lotteries. More than a chance of winning a fortune, people like to see a lottery as a way of testing their luck. Slots are just that. A test of luck.

After all when you play slots, you never know when you are going to hit the big jackpot and a mountain of coins will come rushing out at you. This anticipation and excitement is a huge reason why people keep at it for hours and hours. Besides, it does not take much money to start playing slots. You could start playing with a few coins and who knows, you might even end up winning a whole lot of cash. This is something that can never happen with any other casino games unless you are good at that game and can bet big.

Loads of variety

Slots games come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what your interest there is bound to be a slots game designed around it. From TV shows to Film themes, slot machines have seen it all. One of the most popular one however has been the Book of Ra, which is themed around the old Egyptian civilization. Like most of the slots games, you win when three symbols line up across the 3 cylinders. The more lines you select across the 3 cylinders, the better your chances of winning. In Book of Ra, you can select a total of 10 paylines and if you get the Book of Ra symbol in a straight line, then you get an amazing 10 free spins.


Book so Ra is an amazing slot machine game and has been popular for decades now. If you are into slot machines then it’s highly recommended that you log on to an online casino and try it now.