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Spiel Automaten: the New Glucksspiel!

If you are a fan of glucksspiel, or games of chance, you will love the latest evolution in the form of online slots machines. Online video slots combine the entertainment value of high quality animated storylines and themes with the very real rewards of a payout when the player wins.

Video Slots Variations

If you are not yet familiar with online slots play, you might like to start with a breakdown of the different types of games.


Multiplier Slots

The payouts on these games are directly proportional to the amount initially gambled. Whether the player is using credits or coins or any other form of online currency, the win is bigger when the bet is bigger.

There is no tactical advantage to betting larger amounts, in the sense that it does not change any of the odds of winning. Each machine is governed by a random number generator (RNG) that is not affected by the size of your bet. Of course, a larger bet does result in a larger payout when you do win.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

These games operate under the same principles, and add another element. With a bonus multiplier you get a bonus payback when you bet the maximum allowed amount on a spin. This changes your tactics, because you suddenly do have an advantage when you bet at the highest level.

Buy a Pay Slots: Like bonus multipliers, these games also give an edge to the higher bettor, but with a different twist. Generally speaking the buy-a-pay game uses several different payout lines with separate game symbols for each line. You can bet on a single line or several of them, but in each case you only pick up the winnings from a line if it is one of the lines on which you bet.

Progressive Slots: The big cash cows of the online slots industry, progressive slots connect the games being used by multiple players, building up the potential jackpot with each player’s spin. Every player in the network has the chance to win the continuously growing pot. These can definitely offer the biggest wins, because of the many people contributing to any given pot.


Mythbusters Edition: Debunking Common (Mis)Perceptions About Online Slots

Myth #1: I can’t win as much playing online slots as I could in a traditional casino. This myth is busted! In fact, in many cases the opposite is true, with online casinos able to afford a greater payout than their conventional cousins. An online casino does not have to set aside funds for the brick and mortar overhead costs, so more of the money can flow back to players.

A slots machine, whether located in a traditional casino or an online screen, will be governed by the random number generator, and that RNG is set to provide a specific percentage of payouts to players. Traditional casinos that have to cover more costs usually set their machines to payout no higher than ninety five percent, and sometimes as low as seventy. Online slots, by contrast, average ninety eight percent payouts.

Myth #2: Online Casinos won’t offer as many bonuses or incentives for slots machines, as compared to the higher profile table games like poker. This myth is busted! Slots are actually the biggest money maker for casinos, which means a casino has lots of incentive to keep you interested in playing. If you doubt this, just check out the bonuses and kickbacks and offers being made by any online casino for slots players.

Myth #3: Online Casinos can’t keep my money safe or my financial information secure. This myth is busted! Online casinos actually practice the same level of security that online banks and other financial institutions employ, and they interface only with trusted payment platforms that utilize equally high levels of online security. Just as you trust your money in a bank that offers online account access, you can trust your funds with an online casino and its associated payment affiliates. All things considered, your funds are probably safer with an online casino than they might be if you carried a wallet of cash into a conventional casino.